Jul 21, 2011

Hide Yamamoto - Singapore

HIDE YAMAMOTO, the multi concept Japanese restaurant in Singapore by celebrity Chef Hide Yamamoto is "amazing" and not only the friendly atmosphere and the authentic vibe but the food was absolutely outstanding.

The concept is that the restaurant is splitted into 3 major different areas  :

1.Robata Grill (Chef Sho Naganuma)
2.Sushi Bar (Chef Takuma Seki)
3.Ramen (Noodle Bar) (Chef Kei Yanada)
4.Teppan Tables (Chef Tamotso Kihara)

Luckily we found seating in the Sushi bar where we met the Chef Seki san and his team who just made our experience unforgettable.

The way they were joking with each other and the moving around the jumping just made it more exciting.

"WAW" and that's not only for the way they make the food but also for the fresh taste.

Over all I enjoyed my time had delish food and it wasnt that expensive

Hide Yamamoto is located in Marina Bay Sand - Singapore

For Reservations Call or SMS: +65 6688 7098

Website: http://www.hideyamamoto.com

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