Aug 9, 2016

كن حراً

 حرٌّ ومذهبُ كل حرٍّ مذهبــي ..
ما كنت بالغاوي و لا المتعصِّبِ ..
إيليا أبو ماضي

Mar 7, 2013


إن انقضى العمر فهواكم لن يذبلْ ..
ولو مرَّ الليل في عيناك لكان أجملْ ..

فلا صبر لقلب أضناه البعد عنكم ..
ودونكم الحياة لا تطاق ولا تحتملْ ..

Jun 7, 2012

حكمة اليوم

فطعم الموت في أمر حقير..

كطعم الموت في أمر عظيم ..


Apr 5, 2012

نعيد الغلطة !

بحياتنا نمر بعدة دروب ..
نتعلم فيها من الزلات والذنوب ..
ومن جروحنا بالمعارك والحروب ..
لكن ! نسهى لا شفنا المحبوب ..
ونغفل عن كل هفوة وعذروب ..
يا أحلى وأجمل وأروع وأنقى .. "غلطة" عنها ما أتوب !!

Feb 19, 2012

The Palace - The Old Town Dubai

The Palace Hotel is located in The Old Town island in downtown Dubai which is connected to souk al bahar which is connected to Dubai mall around the fountain area and only a step away from Burj Khalifa. The hotel has been built on an 18th century fort that has been renovated the Palace symbols modernity and middle eastern heritage.

As soon as you walk in the hotel you get this Andulisian vibe beacause of the wood decor on the sealing and the fountains and the hanging big crystal chandeliers.

The rooms are generously spacious with the most comfortable beds ever, the rooms has a balcony that overlooks the Dubai fountain. The hotel service was excellent with me my flight arrived early morning and they checked me in without charging me half day and also when I was going to check out they understood that my flight was late and also extended my stay and gave me a late check out without me having to ask for it.

The hotel is also quite and very family friendly I like the fact that I could walk to Dubai Mall at any time which was very convenient. Overall I enjoyed my stay and would reccomend it specially for families

Dec 18, 2011

London December 2012

Just came back from London it was crazy cold, got sick, caught the flu and missed my flight back and couldnt get another booking during the next day so had to pay around £1,500 on Qatar air trip went bad it was crazy but I love london in the winter specially around christmas all the wonderful decoration, the lovely spirit and all the good delicious food, restaurants always fully booked and excellent shopping. Here are some pictures;

Dec 15, 2011

Upcoming Movies


G.I. Joe: Retaliation Exclusive Premiere Trailer [HD]


MEN IN BLACK 3 - Official Trailer


The Dark Knight Rises trailer 2012 - Batman 3 official trailer